The nomination form is available by clicking HERE or by calling the Chamber office at 613-267-3200.

    1. Nominees must be located within Perth & District including the People’s Choice Award.
    2. You may nominate more than one business including yourself.
    3. All nominations will be vetted by the Chamber’s Executive Committee to ensure that the nomination has been made in the correct category. If a nomination cannot stand, the nominator will be notified and given the opportunity to change the nomination.
    4. Nominees will be asked to accept their nomination and to complete a brief nomination package that will be posted on the Chamber website.
    5. Nominees are eligible for consideration in one award category per year except the People’s Choice Award.
    6. Winners in an award category are not eligible for subsequent nominations in that category for a three-year period. (if a previous winner receives a nomination, the nominator will be notified of their ineligibility).
    7. Chamber member businesses get one vote in each category.
    8. People’s Choice Award is open to the public.
  1. Procedure for Posting Nominations

    All nominations and nominee responses will be posted to the Chamber website by the deadline of:  Friday, September 22nd.  A small excerpt from the nomination will be quoted with a link to the full unedited nomination text.  Nominator names will NOT be posted.

    Voting Procedure

    The voting survey will be open for two weeks:  September 23rd to October 6th and will be advertised through the Chamber of Commerce newsletter, emails to members and social media.

      • Each Chamber member business will be sent this policy to inform them of the Award protocols.
      • Each Chamber member business will be sent a link to a voting survey in which they can vote for their choices of nominee/s.

    Voting Procedure – People’s Choice Award

    The voting survey will be open for 2 weeks from September 23rd to October 6th and will be advertised through the Chamber of Commerce newsletter, emails to members, social media and Perth Courier.

      • There will be a direct link included on the Chamber website, newsletter.

    Counting Votes

    Each year, the Chamber appoints the Board’s Executive Committee to vet the entries. Nominations are submitted from groups and individuals in the community that the Committee carefully review and then, select a category winner.  Each email address will be cross-referenced with the voting list to ensure that each member only gets one vote per award.  If there is a discrepancy (more than one vote from the same link) the votes will not be counted.

    Counting the Votes – People’s Choice Award

    Each vote will be counted.


    1. Winners will be announced by the representing sponsor at the Annual Business Excellence Awards Gala on Thursday, October 19th.  Nominees will be contacted by the Perth & District Chamber of Commerce of the date, time and place of the Awards ceremony.
    2. Tickets for the Business Excellence Awards Gala will be $95+HST per person and include a three- course dinner, appetizers and wine during the Networking Hour.
    3. Nominees will be recognized in an ongoing slide show throughout the evening.
    4. Three awards will be presented before dinner and three awards after the guest speaker.