Your membership pays for itself! Here is a sample of what you will get:

1. Networking Events: The Perth & District Chamber of Commerce hosts ongoing networking events giving members the opportunity to connect and grow with other local businesses.

2. Visibility: Members are given the chance to promote their business in the Perth Chamber Business Directory, Visitor Guide, Social Media profiles, website and monthly Members Newsletter. This gives members both online and offline exposure in the community.

3. Member Savings: Local businesses supporting local businesses – chamber members offer their products and services for a valued price to other members. By joining the Perth Chamber, you are given access to Affinity Programs, OCC Programs and Member Incentives.

4. Learning Opportunities: Members will benefit from the ongoing webinars that are hosted by our Chamber and Community partners that address current challenges and offer training that assist in growing your business.

5. Credibility: Statistics show that consumers are 63% more likely to connect with a business that is a member of their local Chamber.

6. Voice: Most people don’t realize that Chambers have a legislative agenda that reflects the needs of businesses in their area. This advocacy is happening on your behalf at no cost to you. But… If you want your specific concerns and voice to be heard, being a member is a good way to do this.

Chambers have programs and solutions for all stages of business whether you are just starting out, looking to take that next growth leap, or considering a sale of your business.

But if you are still struggling then consider that 59% of consumers polled believed being active in your chamber is an effective business strategy. For companies that can show they are active in the chamber, 12% of consumers are more likely to think the business’ products or services stack up better than their non-member competition.

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