Paaper Studio

Nestled in the charming town of Perth, Ontario, Jaana Brett has been quietly shaping the visual identities of businesses and organizations across Canada since 2010. As the owner of Paaper Studio, one of her three flourishing businesses, Jaana stands out as a committed, enthusiastic, and caring graphic designer extraordinaire. Her journey, marked by creativity and dedication, has made her a sought-after brand specialist, designer, and creative consultant.

Since its inception, Paaper Studio has focused on two primary areas: branding and graphic design. Jaana’s ability to listen to her client’s stories and translate their visions into compelling visual narratives sets her apart. Her clientele spans coast to coast, a testament to her ability to create designs that resonate deeply with diverse audiences. Whether it’s a new small business needing a logo or a municipality seeking to revamp a document for better readability, Jaana’s strategic use of fonts, colors, graphics, and photos ensures that each project garners attention.

The COVID-19 pandemic posed unprecedented challenges for businesses worldwide. Jaana, however, saw it as an opportunity to give back to her community. Collaborating with the Small Business Advisory Centre in Smiths Falls, she dedicated her expertise to helping local businesses reimagine and strengthen their brands. Her efforts provided a lifeline for many small enterprises navigating the uncertain economic landscape.

Jaana’s portfolio is a rich tapestry of work with businesses, municipalities, and organizations, including prestigious projects such as the 2010 Olympics, the Perth Library, and the Hospital Foundation. Her role goes beyond mere design; she inspires businesses at any stage to understand, promote, engage with, and love their brands. “I love being the silent force behind creative endeavors,” Jaana says. “That’s my job as a graphic designer.”

Jaana’s approach to design is deeply rooted in research and understanding. She draws inspiration from various sources, including the history of industries, the architecture of the buildings housing her clients’ shops, and the personal styles and tastes of the business owners. This meticulous research informs every phase of her design process, ensuring that each logo or graphic is an extension of the client’s business values and brand identity.

Jaana’s personality shines through her work and personal quirks. She humorously notes that she goes through more markers than her kids and chooses beer based solely on label design. She is the force behind Bridgemasters Brewery beer labels and marketing. Her enthusiasm for collaboration and supporting other businesses further underscores her commitment to the community.

Despite her significant impact, Jaana prefers to work behind the scenes. “No, I do not draw pictures all day,” she clarifies. “I spend 50% of my time as a researcher.” This dedication to understanding the finer details of each project is what makes her designs stand out in a crowded marketplace. She is always striving to make a small difference in the world, Jaana Brett is a small-town designer with a big heart and an even bigger impact.

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