The Elton John Experience Sat. April 26, 2014

The Elton John Legacy is the ultimate musical tribute to Elton John’s music. Featuring The Captain and The Captain Fantastic Band, this incredible musical journey will take you from the early days of England through his songbook of hits.

It takes a special talent to reproduce the sound that Elton has worked many years to accomplish. Donnie possesses that talent as such, with the vocal ability to sound like Elton and to play piano as if you were listening to the original artist himself. Backed with a powerful 6 piece band to recreate a full sound you hear from his recordings, the audience is sure to to be entertained and taken back through memory lane. A tribute band such as this one opens the door to many different types of venues. Because of the dynamics and versatility of the music, we can basically play Elton John music to every age group.

The Elton John Legacy performance features over thirty classic songs, including “Crocodile Rock”, “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”, “Your Song”, “Levon”, and many more. The Captain and The Captain Fantastic Band are truly outstanding musician performers, who have portrayed Elton John’s music to thousands of people in both Canada and the US. “The Elton John Legacy” is an incredible celebration that includes amazing video, outstanding lighting that reflects the different musical periods of John’s life. The emotional and joyous finale is an experience in itself.
Tickets $30.00 available at Shadowfax. 67 Foster Street, Perth Ontario

Phone 613-267-6817 or 1-800-518-2729