Tay Valley Township Seeking Volunteers for Economic Development Project

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Are you a resident or business owner who wants to see the Township prosper?
Do you want to help shape the economic future of Tay Valley Township?
Township Council is seeking up to eight citizens to be members of the newly formed Sustainable
Economic Development Working Group (SEDWG). The term will commence in January 2014 and end
December 2014, with the potential for re-appointment.
The mandate of the Working Group is to provide advice and recommendations to Council for the
purposes of enhancing the economic well-being of the community. To fulfill its mandate, it is
anticipated the Working Group will, among other things:
 Identify economic development initiatives and programs that stimulate economic activity.
 Support and strengthen the agricultural, recreation & tourism, artisan, and small-medium size
business sectors.
 Identify barriers, real or perceived, to starting a home based business.
 Develop a small business support plan and tourism incentive plan.
 Support and encourage use of idle agricultural land to increase capacity for food production and
commodity agricultural activities while improving the attractiveness of the Township. Explore food
entertainment opportunities within the agricultural sector.
 Identify eco-tourism markets.
 Provide support to identify markets for locally produced food to assist producers to become
To ensure the Working Group represents the diversity of economic activity in the Township, members
are being sought from the following sectors:
 Agriculture Small and home-based business
 Creative economy Real property/development
 Building contractors Hospitality/tourism
 Manufacturing/industrial
Visit the Township website at www.tayvalleytwp.ca to view the SEDWG Terms of Reference.
If you are interested in contributing to a bright future in Tay Valley Township, please submit a brief
Expression of Interest to the Clerk at clerk@tayvalleytwp.ca by Monday, February 3, 2014.
217 Harper Road, Perth, ON K7H 3C6 * Tel: 613-267-5353 * Fax 613-264-8516 * www.tayvalleytwp.ca
For further information contact:
Malcolm Morris, Chief Administrative Officer,
613-267-5353 ext. 123. cao@tayvalleytwp.ca