A Welcome Change of Pace

Tay Valley is a township of geographic beauty and human resourcefulness. Set in the southwest corner of Lanark County due west of Perth, the township comprises a community of communities joined by a shared heritage and a love for the rural lifestyle. Endowed with an abundance of clean lakes and rivers, lives are lived in security and respect.

The energy of the early settlers is replicated by present day residents as hundreds of small and home based industries thrive in and along our roads and byways. The descendants of our early settlers, still the backbone of community activities, welcome more recent residents as they work together for the benefit of our local organizations and activities.

Nationally known as a centre of artistic excellence, Tay Valley Township is the home to many gifted professional artists and artisans. Thousands of tourists visit our township each year to enjoy our lakes and rivers, and to explore the natural scenic environment of this corner of eastern Ontario.

The Township was created in 1998 with the amalgamation of the former townships of Bathurst, North Burgess and South Sherbrooke. It was renamed Tay Valley Township in 2002, in recognition of the river that meanders across our landscape continuing its historic role of linking communities.

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