Aged to Perfection

A warm welcome to Heritage Perth, located on the Tay River in eastern Ontario. Perth is a small town with a big vision of how life should be. We are proud of our strong community spirit set against a backdrop of beautiful heritage architecture and plenty of open natural spaces.

Come to Perth and experience life at our pace. For almost two hundred years, we have been setting goals and moving ahead at a deliberate pace – just as our town motto, Make Haste Slowly, says. Perth has grown with a strong sense of pride, prosperity and determination. As a community, we continue to foster the high expectations of our ancestors. We hold a high regard for our beautiful brick and limestone buildings.

Our strategic location has 100 lakes within 50 miles and offers a rich natural playground with breathtaking views for both visitor and resident alike.

Perth’s history stretches back to the era when Upper and Lower Canada were English colonies. At the end of the War of 1812, Britain offered land along the Tay River to its officers and soldiers, fulfilling the perceived need to establish a strategic defensive outpost. Perth was founded in 1816 as one of three military settlements along the Rideau Corridor.

Perth’s history is romantic and, in some cases, exceptional! The nation’s oldest town band – the Perth Citizens’ Band – still performs today in the beautiful bandstand. Canada’s Last Fatal Duel was fought on the banks of the Tay in 1833 – for a lady’s honour. The Mammoth Cheese – a 22,000 pound cheddar – was created here for the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893.

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