Once a new site is created for you in the Perth Chamber of Commerce community you will receive a welcome email.  All of your required login information will be in this email.

welcome email with login information

Clicking on the “Login Here” link will bring you to a login screen like the one below (as long as you are online).  Fill in  your username and password, click “Remember Me” and then click the “Login” button.

login to your site

You will be brought to a screen that looks like this:

wordpress dashboard

The first thing you will want to do is to change your password.  Expand the “Users” section by either clicking on the text “Users” or on the down arrow which appears to the right when you hover over the text.  Then click on “Your Profile”

go to your profileScroll to the bottom of the page, enter your new password twice and then click “Update Profile”

change your password

The next thing you may want to do is to review your profile information.  This will be sitting on the “About” page of your site.  Go to “Pages”

PagesClick on page title “About”

edit aboutHere you can edit the page content in the same way you would compose an email or draft a letter.  By clicking the button furthest to the right (kitchen sink) you will give yourself twice as many visual editing options.

edit about page

Click the “Update” button in the right sidebar when you are done making changes.

update your pageTo view your site you can click the site name in the upper left hand corner.

preview your site

If you would like to upload a copy of your logo to your new site then first you need to go to “Media / Add New”

add new media

Click on the “Select Files” button

select files to upload

Navigate to the logo on your hard drive and click “Open”

navigate to logo

Fill in the Alternate Text field with the name of your business, copy the file URL and click “Save All Changes”

copy file url

Next, go to “Settings / General”

upload logo

Paste the logo URL into the URL for image field

paste url