Holiday Party Offer at Maximilian Restaruant

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It is already November and soon the holiday season will be upon us. Don’t delay in booking your company party this year at Maximilian Restaurant. We are very excited about our wonderful offers to make your holiday party the best ever! Maximilian Restaurant can accommodate groups up to 24 and 35, in small, intimate rooms and groups up to 80 in our main dining room. If you would like to book the whole restaurant we can serve up to 130 people. Come and enjoy our popular favourites such as Weinerschnitzel, Hungarian Goulash, Perogies and Dumplings. Or, delight in trying the delicious new items on our revamped menu.
We have three great offers for Groups of 16 or more:
#1: A complimentary Gift Certificate of $25.00 for every 16 people in your group. For example if there are 16 in the group 1 gift certificate will be given away, 32 people – 2 gift certificates, 48 people – 3 gift certificates and so on…. The gift certificates will be given to the organizer of the event at the end of the party and he or she can distribute them as they see fit.
#2: Special group pricing for Appetizer Platters and/or Entrees with Dessert and Non- Alcoholic Beverages.

#3: End your wonderful evening on a sweet note! Choose from the following selection of Delicious Pies, all made in house:

Festive Apple Cranberry Pie
Rich and Buttery Nutcracker Pie (almonds, pecans and walnuts)
Perfectly Spiced Pumpkin Pie
Creamy Frozen Egg Nog Pie
Each pie serves 8 people and the cost per slice is only $3.00. Please place your pie order when making the reservation for your party. There is a minimum 3 days’ notice for pies.

The rooms fill up quickly so don’t delay in booking your party! Call Mary Jane, Kevin or Joan at 613-267-2536 to arrange your holiday celebration at Maximilian Restaurant now!