Call for RFP for the 2021 Visitor Guide


Overview of the project:

The Perth & District Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Guide committee (hereinafter referred to as VGC) is seeking proposals from qualified firms to produce the Perth & District Visitor Guide for 2021, subject to the guidelines contained within this Request for Proposal (RFP).


The design of the Guide must include features to ensure flexibility of use as a lure piece, a tourism guide and a relocation package. The VGC will require time to proof the layout and design of the Guide at appropriate intervals. The project must be completed and delivered to the Chamber of Commerce by February 1, 2021.

This project includes writing, design, and layout of the Guide along with advertising sales to be managed by the successful bidder. The successful bidder is expected to approach all members of the Perth and District Chamber of Commerce for advertising opportunities. It is intended as a revenue-generator for the Chamber to an agreed upon amount as per clause 2.03 in the application.

In order to submit a proposal, the bidder must be an active member of the Perth and District Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is the full and complete owner of the guide and all its content and will receive the source file for layout and design.

RFP Application and full details