Business to Business Race Cancelled until further notice

ARE YOU READY for a great team building experience?

The Business to Business Race (B2B) pits local teams against each other in a series of unique challenges.

B2B challenges range from cerebral to physical, just bring a sense of fun and a willingness to compete!

There are 3 ways you can be participate: Be a……




Member and Non-member Individuals TEAMS

Host a Race Challenge to spotlight your business – showcase your venue or part of your product line.

Show your support for Perth Chamber businesses! Race Sponsors get prime exposure at race events and marketing materials.




Individuals or a team of 2.

·       Teams will consist of 2 individuals from Lanark County. Everyone must be 19 years old at the time of the race.

·   Please note: If registering as an individual participant you will be grouped with another single participants to make a team of 2 people.



·       Teams which have at least one individual whose company is a member of the Perth & District Chamber of Commerce will be eligible for Member registration pricing of $100 per team.

·         Individual Member registration is $50 pp.


·      Teams which do not have at least one individual whose company is a member of the Perth Chamber of Commerce will be required to pay non-member registration pricing of $120 per team.

·         Individual Non-Member registration is: $60 pp.



·     Teams must designate one contact person and provide an email and phone number where they can be reached. All race related communication will be funneled through the team’s main contact person.

·     Teams will race to a series of local businesses where they will complete a challenge before being given a clue which will direct them to the location of their next challenge. The first team to complete all challenges will be declared the winner.


  • Each team will receive a bib that must be worn throughout the race, a map, a lanyard, Chamber Business Directory and a BBQ dinner at the Business After Hours Event.


To participate, teams must register at: B2B RACE or call 613-267-3200.


The B2B Race offers businesses great exposure when you host a challenge at your location.  Do you have an idea of how you can incorporate your product and or service into a challenge for participants?


Things to consider:

1. Official B2B Race Venues will be required to supply a volunteer for the race at their location.

2. Venue consideration is based on available parking and store/building accessibility.

3. Once a business has been selected by the committee, you will be notified with details on the race challenges at your location. Challenges will include some aspect of your business (either your idea or ours).

Owners are encouraged to attend the After Hour BBQ Networking Event at the Tay Basin. Tickets are $20 each and include food and drink by Law and Orders.




WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? The B2B Race Sponsorship package.

As a Sponsor you will receive:

1.    A video vignette which will be posted on the Chamber Website, Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube Channel prior to the event

2.    Recognition on team buffs type garment which all racers will wear during event.

3.    Recognition on event related e-blasts and all marketing material.

4.    Recognition on Race Day Social Media, ready for you to share.

For details on Sponsorship benefits, please see contact


Sponsorship Opportunities: Trailblazer Sponsor – $500 | Navigator – $250


·        Trailblazers receive a team of 2 included in their sponsorship

·        Navigators receive 1 participant included in their sponsorship

How to apply…

Contact Chamber Office.


·         Teams will be involved in both intellectual and physical challenges. Dress appropriately – consider weather!  Athletic shoes are required.  Team members should bring a water bottle.

·         Team members must wear the supplied race bibs on their shirts/tops while racing. Bibs will be distributed at registration on race day.

·         Each team will travel to challenge locations in their own vehicles. One vehicle per team. Drivers are required to obey the rules of the road at all times, including traffic lights and speed limits. It would be a good idea to fill your tank before race day.

·         Challenge locations will be identified with a poster showing The Business to Business Race logo.

·         Check in with a volunteer at each location. In some cases this will determine the order in which you participate in the challenge.

·         If multiple teams arrive at the task or activity at the same time, the team that goes first will be determined by the order that you sign in with the volunteer in charge of that location. All team members must be at the task to complete it or the other team can bump ahead.

·         A Volunteer or Venue Representative will describe your challenge. Pay attention very carefully or you may miss important information. Note whether the challenge is for 1 or 2 team members. .

·         When you have completed the challenge, you will be given a “Route Info” envelope that will direct you to the next challenge by a volunteer.

·       At registration each team will be given a lanyard with a Business to Business Race Team Check in Card. This card must be initialed by a race volunteer at each challenge before you can receive your Route Info.  All initials must be received before you may proceed to your last location.

·         At least one member of your team should have a data enabled cell phone to assist with clues. You may also utilize GPS, internet search, street directories, various electronic devices, call a friend or any other means of navigation to reach your destination.

·         IMPORTANT NOTE about the Route Info Clues:

If you are unable to figure out the clue or complete the activity you will

receive a 10-minute delay to your next location.

·         Any team or team member that is found to have impeded the ability of another team to participate in the challenge will be disqualified. Leave challenge materials where and how you found them so that the next team can have an equal and enjoyable race experience.

·         This is a race. Your time on the course is important. Those who perform the challenges quickly will have an advantage in the final challenge. The winner will be that team which completes the final challenge first.  Other teams will be ranked according to their order of finish and the results will be announced/posted at the Business After Hours Event.

·         You are racing as a team. Allow everyone on the team to know what the clue says and allow everyone an opportunity to compete in tasks. Everyone must have an equal chance to participate.  No one team member may dominate the tasks.

·         Do not do anything to draw negative attention to yourself, particularly in public places. Keep in mind that some businesses may be open.  This includes slamming doors, running, etc. Please respect other racers, volunteers, venue hosts and the public.

·         Don’t be scared to ask for help. Perhaps the individual may have known you were coming and can provide important information.

·         We encourage you to record your race experience for sharing on social media but ask that do not do so until all teams have reached the final challenge location. After all, we don’t want to give another team an advantage!  When posting to social media, please tag PERTH CHAMBER & PERTH TOURISM.

·         Teams will be involved in both intellectual and physical challenges. Dress appropriately – consider weather!  Athletic shoes are required.  Team members should bring a water bottle.

Amazing Race Celebrations

All teams will start and finish at the Tay Basin. There will be a race BBQ after the event where the winner will be announced.