Board of Directors-Call for Nominations


The Perth & District Chamber of Commerce Nominating Committee is seeking nominations from members to let their name stand for election to the Board of Directors for 2019/20. Positions are for a two-year term. All positions are confirmed annually by the membership present at the Annual General Meeting. Chamber members in good standing (annual dues and other purchases are paid) are eligible to submit their name or the name of a current employee who would represent that member. The Nominating Committee wishes to have representation from a broad cross section of the Chamber’s membership so do not hesitate to confirm your interest.

Desired qualifications to serve as a Director of the Chamber Board can include:

  • Support the Chamber and a sincere desire to assist in growing the membership by promoting the benefits of the organization to potential members;
  • Possess professional skills and expertise, which can be drawn upon as required in certain areas (e.g. financial, marketing, communications, policy, HR, governance, event planning);
  • Attend and support Chamber events;
  • Ability to fill a time commitment of approximately 10 Board meetings per year (usually 1 hours in length) and participation on at least one working committee. (Currently the Board meets on the first Thursday afternoons from 12-1pm).

The proposed slate for 2019/20 will be presented to the Board at their regular February 2019 meeting. The slate will be presented to the membership prior to or during the first week of March. If there are more names than required, an election will be held at the Annual General Meeting on March 27th, 2019. The new board shall assume office at the monthly meeting in April.

The Board shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer and at least eight (8) other members who shall be Directors at Large. The Past-President shall be acclaimed. The Board shall not exceed fifteen (15) elected members inclusive of all executive positions.

The executive (President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer) will be elected or acclaimed by the new Board at its first regular meeting held in April.

  • Yes, please consider my name for the 2019/20 Board of Directors. (provide contact details below).


  • I would like to nominate the following member as a candidate for the Board:

(A member of the nominating committee will contact the member to confirm their acceptance of the nomination.)

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While positions are for a three-year term, Directors may seek re-election up to a maximum of two consecutive terms as per the Chamber’s by-laws.