Type of Business Annual Fee (incl. hst + OCC Fee) 
Single Owner/Operator$138.99
(No Employees)/Non-Profits 
1 – 2 Employees/Owners$138.99
3 – 9 Employees/Owners$199.43
10 – 29 Employees/Owners$267.63
30 – 49 Employees/Owners$318.23
50+ Employees/Owners$431.53

*Number of employees is based on a business’s total full-time employees and permanent staff. Two part-time employees equals one full-time employee. Membership is pro-rated so that the annual renewal will fall on January 1st, 2023. If membership begins after September 31st, 2022, the membership fee will include the remainder of 2022 at a pro-rated amount.

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