All-Candidates Event – Perth

The Perth & District Chamber of Commerce will be hosting the Perth All Candidates Evening on October 3rd at Farrell starting at 6pm.

In an effort to ensure that candidates have adequate time to present their platforms, have equal opportunity to speak and avoid duplication/repeat questions – all questions will be addressed to the candidates by the moderator.

We encourage you to take the opportunity to submit questions for the candidates in advance of the event. We will also accept written questions at the event. Questions in advance can be submitted in person or to

The Perth & District Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of business and professional men and women who have joined together for the purpose of promoting the civic, commercial, and industrial progress of their community.

Our mission is to supporting successful local business and tourism, business-financial literacy and community economic development through quality programs and services; an effective catalyst for the growth and prosperity of our community as we work with local businesses, government and community leaders to foster a thriving, prosperous and welcoming community.






About the evening.
• All Questions are vetted
• The moderator will review the Rules of Courtesy:

o All participants will exercise courtesy to each other and all those present.
o There is a no-tolerance policy for personal attack against an individual, or the use of foul language at any time. This is an opportunity for all those present here tonight to have their voices heard, and to discuss the issues that matter most within the community.
o Please turn your cell phones off and set your pagers to vibrate.
o Fire exits are available at both sides of the hall and washroom facilities are available downstairs.

• There is a timer:

o For his or her opening remarks, each councillor candidate is given 2 minutes to present, Deputy Mayoral and Mayoral candidates are given 2 minutes.
o All questions asked of the candidates are to be responded to within a maximum of two minutes duration. The bell will sound after 30 seconds.
o For each speaker, the time will be flagged by the timer at 30 seconds and 10 seconds remaining and the bell will ring when time is up.
o The same will apply for closing remarks, for which each candidate has 1 minute.

• Order of Speakers:

o The order of speakers will be selected in a random draw. Names will be drawn out of a hat by the Moderator to determine the order in which candidates will address the audience. This will be done both for the opening and then for the closing remarks. Mayoral/Deputy Mayoral closing remarks will follow in the same order as drawn for the opening remarks.
o Part I will begin with the candidates for the position of councillors.
o Part II will begin with the candidates for Deputy Mayor, and Mayor.
o Councillor and Mayoral/Deputy Mayoral presentations will include a question period following the opening remarks and preceding closing remarks (as indicated in the agenda); one question per person will be accepted, as time permits.

• There will be NO questions from the floor
• There will be networking opportunities after 9:00pm
• Coffee and refreshments are provided by the Chamber