What better time than now to nominate a business for the upcoming Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Gala. This year we are doing things a little differently. In response to Social Distancing measures we will be re-imagining our our Business Awards venue. Stay tuned for details.

Perth & District Annual Awards of Excellence Gala

The Annual Business Excellence Awards Gala recognizes and celebrates companies who have distinguished themselves by fostering growth, innovation, community service and excellence in their sectors. The winners are chosen by a committee of peers who evaluate nominations received from the community. This year the Chamber has 5 Award Categories. In addition, the winner of the Perth Medal and Senior Citizen Award will be presented at our Annual Business Awards Gala.

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Business of the Year: Sponsored by A & B Ford

The nominee is viewed as a business leader in the community and has demonstrated excellence in business operations including financial management, environmental practices, customer service, and sales and marketing. These firms provide employment, stability, and enhanced quality of life for many Perth & District area residents. This category is described, in general terms, as a firm that has been in operation for a minimum of five years. Criteria include but are not limited to:

  • Must be a for-profit business
  • Significant increase in revenue
  • Addition of new technology
  • Progressive human resource policies
  • New or expanded facilities
  • Environmental commitment
  • Increased workforce
  • Demonstrated training culture
  • Innovative marketing strategy or, new market development
  • Community involvement

Past Winners: Hinton Group, Maximilian’s Restaurant, Perth Brewing Co., Brownlee Metro


The Employee/Team of the Year

The award recognizes an individual or team nominated by their peers who clearly demonstrates loyalty, exceptional performance and an overall contribution to their organization – the individual and/or team has provided a significant impact to their company through high quality work, outstanding performance and is a well-respected role model to others.

Specific Criteria include but not limited to:

  • The award is open to both individuals and groups
  • Exceptional service to others
  • Personal or, company commitment with no expectation of reward
  • Enhancing the business image in the community
  • Positive public relations
  • Assisting others to succeed

Past Winner: The Beach House, Lake 88.1


Entrepreneur of the Year: Sponsored by Valley Heartland

An entrepreneur takes a vision and turns it into a profitable reality. This award recognizes someone from the community who exemplifies these qualities.

General criteria centre on an enterprise no more than three years old or, one that has undergone a significant shift in focus within that period of time. Specific criteria include but are not limited to:

  • Must be a for-profit business
  • Demonstrated leadership, daring and creativity
  • Steady revenue growth
  • An innovative idea
  • Demonstrated personal and financial commitment
  • Unique marketing concept
  • Community involvement

Past Winners: Perth Cheese Shop, Omnes Music Circle, Perth Chocolate Works, Top Shelf Distillers


The People’s Choice Award

This award will be presented to a business that is seen as a leader in the community, is highly engaged and active. This business (and their staff) is engaged in volunteering, community events, and understands the concept of giving back to the community. This business delivers a high level of customer service, is an innovator in their field and has demonstrated overall excellence in business. Voting will be open to the public in September.

Past Winner: Kelly’s Flowers, Maximilian’s Restaurant


NEW Breakthrough Award

A special award not always presented, it recognizes an extraordinary local business or individual accomplishing extraordinary things which benefit their business and the community in unique and meaningful ways.

Specific Criteria for the award include:

  • Significantly improving and adapting their business during Covid-19
  • Dramatically and positively impacting the business community
  • An accomplishment eclipsing normal individual and company boundaries
  • Creating meaningful new opportunities for business